Friday, September 21, 2012

Destiny Is All I Need

~Destiny Is All I Need~

In this novel I'm giving my readers a closer look at another side of me and my writing style. A lot of people close their eyes or eve turn their backs on same sex relationships.But in my opinion, people really should open their eyes because its very common. Not only that who has the right to tell someone how to love or who to love for that matter. Either way it goes, when you are trying to straddle the fence hearts are bound to be broken.Most times the outcome isn't good. In this novel though, I spiced it up and made it a little EXCITING for all involved.....AT THE END THAT IS!!! So be on the lookout for my second book, orders will be able to be placed real soon=)=)


  1. I am sooooo ready my love and yes this is a common life reality, what do you hope your readers will get from reading your novels?

  2. I hope that they will open their eyes to other's situations and think outside the box and be more open-minded to things.

  3. I hope so too because love has no face