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~~Author Mark L. Pippen~~

~Author Mark L. Pippen's Interview~

Good Morning to all!! Please take the time to read my interview 

 with Mark, you will never know about a person or their

 work, if you are not willing to get to know them.Give someone a 

chance, you might just like it. =) I have composed these questions 

for everyone that would like to participate in this. Let's find out 

what Mark has to say.

Author’s Interview Questions

1.   What is the title of you first published book? What was the release date?

      The title of my first book is "The Gospel According to Mark". It will be released on December 18th.
      2.   What inspired you to become a Writer? Why?

            Career accomplishments in Hospitality/Customer Service Management came quickly for me. But my desire to encourage and inspire others always left me feeling that there was something more helpful I could be doing. As years passed I continued to seek an opportunity that would allow me to feel a sense of higher purpose. In the meantime I became a "workaholic." Hereditary factors combined. My health was adversely affected. I was rushed to the hospital on several occasions. Medical professionals advised that it was imperative that I make lifestyle changes to reduce my stress level. I made the difficult decision to leave employment in the public sector to focus on stabilizing and improving my health. "Everything happens for a reason" were the words of consolation many people offered me. For over two years I couldn't clearly see what that reason might be. During that period I found comfort, strength and determination through spirituality and renewed faith. I had always been taught to look for the bright side of every challenge. I realized how fortunate I was in spite of the dramatic lifestyle changes I was facing. I began expressing and exchanging experiences, perspectives and beliefs with other people through social media. Fellowship, networking and writing replaced my prior passions. It wasn't long before I began to feel that I was reaching hearts and touching lives the way I had been aspiring to. Enthusiasm and inspiration poured in from friends and family who were encouraging me to write a motivational book. I embraced the idea...feeling that I had finally found my true calling.

3.   In the Writing Industry, is there anyone that you idolize? Why?

      I have tremendous respect and admiration for Maya Angelou because she is one of the most prolific and celebrated African American literary voices of my lifetime. Some of her contributions have made an impact on my personal life. I feel mentally and spiritually connected with a few of her most popular works. In addition she consistently represents herself with style, class, humility and awareness that command respect. I can only hope to touch a portion of the number of lives that she has and to generate a rich legacy like she has created for herself.

4.   Since you became a writer, what have you experienced as far as the negative side of it all? Positive Side?

      I can't speak of any negative experiences as of yet. Any challenges that I have faced to this point have represented opportunities for me to learn. I welcome such experiences. I take the bad with the good. Regarding positive experiences, the first and perhaps most significant at this point was the feedback that I received from my editor. She was the first person to read my manuscript in its entirety. I was very nervous in anticipation of her review of it. To my surprise she shared with me that as she was reading it she was deeply moved to the point of tears because it seemed that some of my messages spoke directly to her personal life and circumstances. She said that she felt encouraged and inspired by my words and that I should feel comforted and excited that my book had already helped someone even prior to publication.

5.   Is writing something you plan to do for a lifetime? .... Is it your passion?

      I am enjoying the experience. I feel a sense of content and fulfillment regarding my desire to inspire and encourage others. I love writing because my words (documented in print) can potentially live on and speak for me long after I am gone. Yes...writing has become my passion. I hope to be a writer for the remainder of my lifetime.

6.   If you don’t see writing as a life -long project, what else sparks your interest?

      Outside of writing I am also fascinated by languages. If I was not to decide to make writing my life-long choice I would probably seek to become a specialist in linguistics.

7.   Have you traveled to different states to promote your work?

      I have not traveled to different states to promote my first project as of yet. But after my first book is released in a couple of weeks I do anticipate some travel to promote (based upon interest I am aware of and feedback I am already receiving from sources here in the states as well as abroad).

8.   What are your marketing techniques? Why do these things work best for you?

      I am an enthusiastic fan of social media so it is my favorite marketing technique at present. Social media affords the benefit of networking with people individually or in larger numbers anywhere in the world using a relatively small amount of time, energy and resources. But I also enjoy traveling and meeting new people. So I can imagine that I would very much enjoy book signing events and speaking engagements if/when the opportunities present themselves.

9.   Do you have a lot of family/friend support? How does that motivate you?

      I feel very blessed to have the support of a constantly growing number of family and friends. My inspiration to write was ignited by enthusiasm and encouragement from them. That same energy continues to compel me and drives me forward to accomplish all that I possibly can.

10. What advice would you give to other Authors BESIDES doing research? 

      The advice that I would offer would be to always be true to yourself about yourself, about what you aspire to and about what you are capable of. These three fundamentals represent (to me) a large degree of a person's integrity and their commitment to their true passion(s).

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