~EbonyNicole's Encouraging Words~

You were born alone, stop depending solely one people, they are just like you, if you really want to see some results, take it to the KING!!!

Good Morning=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: There is a greater chance for everything to fall apart if you are not PATIENT & HUMBLE.

Great morning to everyone that's reading this: EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: You have to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE SOMEONE ELSE WHOLEHEARTEDLY.LOVE ISN'T WEAK, IT IS MADE TO STRENGTHEN YOU, NOT TAKE ANYTHING AWAY.

Great morning to everyone who's reading this=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are:
Make the right decisions and be ready for any and all consequences that may follow. We all fall short at times but, that doesn't mean its the END!!There is only ONE THAT CAN DETERMINE THAT!!!

Great morning to all!!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Yesterday is gone, today is a new day, you are still a WINNER!!!

Great Morning=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are:If you take the time to pray, God will definitely take the time to answer ALL of them.Pray, keep the FAITH and RELEASE!!!

Morning to all=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words for today are: Today tell someone that you haven't talked to you in awhile that you love them. Approach a situation that has had your heart weighed down and see how much better you feel afterwards. Don't stop there, keep spreading the love.

Great morning=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Tomorrow isnt promised to anyone, you need to do what needs to be done in every aspect of the word and stop living with a stagnated mind frame.Sometimes we build up walls around ourselves that are even harder to break.

Great morning world=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Pray your worries away, the things you cant change are the things that you should GIVE AWAY but, make sure you are giving it to the right person.

Great morning to you all!!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: When you know you WORTH and work hard for the things you want, no one can take that away. When you educate YOURSELF that definitely cant be taken away.

Great morning lovelies!!!EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: God shows us how much he loves us, in so many different ways, we just have to realize when HE is working. He doesnt have any special requirements to get to know him. LEARN HIM FOR YOURSELF!!

Wonderful Morning to all=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging Words Are: Take control of your children not in a SICK POSSESSIVE TYPE OF WAY BUT, enough to where they understand who is the ADULT in the situation, teach them, encourage them and most of all LOVE them UNCONDITIONALLY.This way when some else offers these things they wont be so DESPERATE AND THIRSTY FOR IT.

Great Morning world!!=)=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging words for today are: Sometimes there's no additional words are needed, all you need to do is just say THANK YOU LORD,THANK YOU!!!
Great morning World=) EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Live your life to the fullest, tomorrow is not promised and today doesn't last long. Step outside of yourself and do somethings you have NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!

Wonderful Morning World! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Stand by your word and mean what you say. Your word is all you have, that's how people will determine who you really are.

Great morning lovelies=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words "Do you realize that you speak things into existence?? Therefor you need to only speak speak positive things at all times. When you are are doing something and you cant see the end, thats call FAITH!!All you have to do is EMBRACE IT!

Great morning loves=) EbonyNciole's encouraging words are: stop being so JUDGMENTAL! No one is perfect and as soon as you open up your mouth tom pass judgment, you are already SINNING, so please dont get me started on that topic. You just need to make sure you are READY to answer to ALL THE SINS THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE/STILL DOING.

Great morning to all: EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Never make GOD feel like you are not GRATEFUL,every morning smile from the inside outside and keep it there all day.It doesn't take much effort.

Blessed morning lovelies=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are If you are reading this status then simply say THANK YOU, I MADE IT=)=)

Good Morning world!=)=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: If there is a not smile coming from within right now now, there is something wrong. Have peace,have joy, have a piece of mind and don't allow anyone to tale it away.

Great morning loves!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to realize when its time to FULLY LET GO!..Release, Relax and take control of any situation that you maybe involved in. Take a stand and do what needs to be, at the end of the day YOUR HAPPINESS is what really matters.

Morning to all!=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: No one can ENCOURAGE you the way you can, be your own support system, if no one else is there, tell yourself you can do it, when others say you cant, make them see that you are a winner and you wont give up NO MATTER WHAT!!

Good Morning=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Take things one day at a time, live in this moment because just like our days, the next one isn't promised to us. Do all you can in THIS MOMENT, for you may never get this chance again, PRAY in this moment for the this could be your last one, in all that you do MAKE IT COUNT AND BE CONTENT WITH IT.

EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: GOD is the most COMMANDING AND DEMANDING person you will ever know. Wouldn't you agree?? He doesn't tell you when or how, He just shows up and when He does, you will know that He was present.

EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Life is too short to be living with regrets and "What ifs" the only day that is promised to you is TODAY, some didnt get that, so be HUMBLE, BE BLESSED, AND KEEP THE PRAYERS FLOWING!!

EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: You attitude is what determines the outcome of everything you do, it would be best to choose to have a POSITIVE one, even though you may not like the situation. At the end of the day, you will feel better about it, just keep your cool.

EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: You dont have to put on a show or pretend that you are someone else at anytime, God knows who you really are, thats all that matters. Your friends, co-workers, family etc, can't save you when it's "THAT TIME." Im learning God for myself,maybe you should too.

EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: How can you be mad at your neighbor because they never clean up their trash, when you have a whole pile of it swept off into a corner??

EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Do all things that makes your heart and soul smile, if you are not doing this then you are living a LIE, You dont want to do that right?....Take a STAND, BE HAPPY!!!!
 EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Today is just one day, what will you do TODAY that will change your TOMORROW, although its not promised, its still worth the EFFORT."
 Great morning lovelies, Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: All things that are good, takes time. If you are not willing to work hard then, you may want to re-evaluate your life because you are wasting precious time. 
 Good Morning loves!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: ALL things are possible when you believe and have faith. An EFFORT, without the remaining characters (Work) is an "F" so keep PUSHING, DREAMING AND KEEP THE PRAYERS UP!!!
Great morning loves! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you just have to let go, loosen up just a little and enjoy life, besides, you only have one. Do not take it for granted or the people that loves you.

Great morning to all=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Handle your business first and save the rest for later, when it's time to make major moves, you should have your mind right, feet planted and heart in the right place. This will ensure that you are ready to take on any challenge that life may throw you way. Are you READY???

 Great morning lovelies!! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Stop trying to please everyone around you because at the end of the day you will always fall short. I say this because people are going to talk about you regardless. On top of that if you are not being TRUE to self, how can you be true to someone else. Life is too short, find your inner peace and plant your feet there.Stop being so messy.

 Great morning loves!!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to embrace what is being offered to you and I don't mean the BS either, take the time to realize what are blessings and whats not. Everybody is not out to get you. there are still some good people in the world.Everybody is NOT THE SAME!!

 Great morning loves!! Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: If you dont feel it in your heart, do not do it. And when you decide not to do it, do not feel bad about it. Pray about it and RELEASE IT!!

 It is a great day and if you are reading this message, you should take a moment just to say THANK YOU, GOD HAS SPARED YOUR LIFE ONE MORE DAY, HE FAVORS YOU!!!
EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: If someone tells a lie on you and try to take your character away, clear your name because you PRIDE AND REPUTATION is the only thing you have besides your WORD to stand on. Don't allow them to take anything from you, stand your ground and DON'T WAIVER!! I know I will and I do!

Good Morning loves! Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes words are just not needed, when its to time to show and prove, some people do not want to hear the lies that come out of your mouth. Stop playing around so much and be "ABOUT THAT LIFE" meaning the life that God has mapped out for you.We are not perfect but God already knows that, so WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE????
 It is a great day loves!! Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: Even though the clouds break through the sun creating our cloudy days, the sun always finds a way to peak through. Use this as a guide in life and be sure to look for that sun at the end of a cloudy day, you will see it.
 Its a great morning to be ALIVE AND WELL!! Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: When are quick to judge, who are you really judging? And who gave you that right to do so? There is only one JUDGE in this lifetime and that is GOD, stop trying to do His job, He doesn't need your help.He gets all the Glory for a reason, He never half step in His work.
 Great morning loves! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes, you have to find your inner peace because, we all know that the world is full of negative energy for the most part. There is always things going on around us. But when you have INNER PEACE, you can not be moved from that place and its a great feeling to have. Find yours and plant your feet firmly. 

Great Morning lovelies!! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: You do realize that everything we do has a consequence right? So don't think you are getting away with anything if no one else knows, God knows. Be careful how you treat and talk to people and always be considerate when it comes to someone else's  feelings.
 Good morning lovelies!!! Its a great morning to be a live and well. Some didn't make it to this side. so put a bi smile on your face and KEEP PUSHING!!! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Everything will not go according to your plans but, they will go according to God's WILL!!! Are you familiar with His will??....Learn how to accept it and condition yourself to be ready at the same time that He is ready for you to receive it.
Great morning lovelies!! There's no greater day to be alive and well=)=) Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: When you are content with who you are, everyone around you will love and accept you.Even if they don't LOVE YOURSELF ANYWAY=)=)
 Great morning loves!! Sometimes its not all perfect bit it will be okay. EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Take the steps you need to take and God will do the rest. But don't think He is going to do ALL THE WORK,you have to do your part to,with that being said, what are you willing to do to get what you feel you deserve???
 Great morning loves! Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Don't allow anyone to take anything away from you. I mean your Character, Dignity,Pride or anything else. These belong to you and you alone.Hold on to it!!
Great morning loves!! Im not feeling to well today but, Thank God Im here! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to just keep on pushing,keep on fighting and keep right on praying anyway!! 
 Great morning lovelies!!!EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: If you are not on the track headed towards your destiny, then you are on the wrong track. Sit down, plan out your short term goes which will lead up to the long-term goals and follow that path. Otherwise, you are wasting valuable time.
 Good Morning loves!! EbonyNicoles encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to slow down and realize that you are the only one rushing. Take your time and do things, you will have better results.All things happen when God says they will, He already have it mapped out for you.
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: If you are not praying, you need to reevaluate somethings, these are praying times.And when you pray, extend that prayer to EVERYBODY around you just in case they forgot to say their own.
 Great morning loves!! Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are: All things that are good, takes time. Usually its the things that will lead us to trouble that comes quickly so avoid those things and seek the good.Seek it and stick with it, don't get caught up in the process.
Great morning lovelies, its raining out but its still a day that God gave to us. EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: sometimes you have to take some time away from things around you, just to collect your thoughts and make sure you are walking on the path that was designed for you. It's okay to do this, just dont forget about the ones that loves you the most. When you come back, they will still be there. The FAKE ONES WILL BE GONE!!!
  Merry Christmas lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes its not about how much money you can spend on this day, most times its about how much time you take out of your day to spend with the ones you love. Either way, we all should be THANKFUL AND HUMBLE!!
 Great morning loves!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Stop putting all of your faith, love and hope into MAN(HUMANS) they are just like you, I hope you are not looking for THEM TO SAVE YOU. Be strong, be patient and be determined to find the right way.God is the only one with enough love and power to save you, go to Him, He is waiting for YOU!!!!
Great morning lovelies!! Sometimes you have to step back and watch.
Ebony Nicole's encouraging words are you do not have to go looking for anything(Good or Bad), trust me, all things will be revealed to you. All you have to do is wait on HIM!!! 
Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: There is more than one way to do things, your way is the always the best way. It's okay to try things differently.Be more open-minded and less "Bull Headed"
Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Take your time and do the things the right way, when you rush, everything turns out bad and most likely have to be done over. Make sure you are on the right track in everything that you do.
 Great morning lovelies!! Ebonynicole's Encouraging words are: Whatever/ whoever is meant for you, it will be so, you dont have to wonder about what is going to happen next. Just roll with the flow, and mind you, I didnt say be a FOOL on the way, just play your roll and things will come to the light for you. It always does, right?
Great morning lovelies!! We made it to see another year!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Do you say, and say what you mean. I wont get caught up in the new year's resolutions since we tend to fall short sometimes. The only thing I would suggest is that we be happy and that can mean a lot of different things. The most important part of that happiness, starts with YOU!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes all it takes is one word to change a situation  around, sometimes its just too many to be said, making that one hold no value. 
 Great morning lovelies!!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words: Sometimes there are no words needed.But when they are SAY THEM, MEAN THEM!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to know that everything is going to be alright, you may not see it that way now but, God does, He wants us to walk by FAITH.That means our eyes, ears and mouth are closed, the only thing He wants us to do is FEEL HIS PRESENCE!!Once we can feel Him, He will do the rest.
 Good afternoon lovelies!!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to give yourself a reality check;afterwards you will realize that anything that is supposed to be will be. Take the time to reevaluate somethings and take it slow, most times you are the only one rushing.
 Great morning lovelies!! This is a beautiful day that our Father has made!!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: EMBRACE, RELEASE AND RELAX!!!!I think that pretty much sums it up for all of us, wouldn't you agree?
 Great morning lovelies! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Accepting things for what they are sometimes is hard to do but we have to be content with every situation and know that things will pan out in due time. With that being said don't worry about it, pray about it. Watch GOD WORK!!!!
 Good Morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Its best to keep things SIMPLE, when the heat is turned up on certain situations, things tend to get out of order. That is what I plan to do from here on out, just so I can remain SANE!!!Running on fumes is never good for anybody.
 Great morning lovelies! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Mistakes are not really mistakes, they are just lessons that you have to learn, unfortunately, they come with consequences.
 Great morning lovelies!! Its a rainy day but, God created it, so Ill take it. Ebony Nicole's Encouraging words are: Live life as if its you last day, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We all better be trying to get on the right track, path or whatever it is God is giving to us. Only He knows the way, with that alone, we should be content and GRATEFUL!!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes letting go is the best route to take, once you do that God will take care of the rest for you.
Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes I have to take my own advice and that's exactly what I am doing today. I am letting go of the stress and allowing my God to take the wheel, He knows what is best for me. I will not worry.There is strength and healing behind every tear that I share. 
 Great morning lovelies=)=) Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: No matter what you are going through, its someone that's doing worse, somebody out there didn't get the chance to complain this morning.Smile, its going to be okay.
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: If you just hold on one more day God will see you through, don't give up on the situation because God will NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!
Great morning lovelies!!!Ebonynicole's Encouraging words are: There is nothing wrong with finding peace; it's not just a quiet place or being alone. PEACE is more like a place where no one can reach you, no matter what they do, being comfortable and content with your position in life and the direction you are taking things. This is the type of peace that we all need.FIND YOURS!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! We have a little sun today, so your smiles should be just as bright!!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Dont let the stars (YOUR DREAMS) fade away right before your eyes, reach out and grab them, nothing is better than trying. God has the rest already worked out.
 Great morning lovelies!! Yes I was going through it last night, but today is a better and new day=)=) EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes you get what you put in but that doesnt mean that you have to give up or give in. Life is full of surprises, some good others are bad. But we will never know the outcome if we dont run the whole race. Im staying down, you should do the same!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! Although my own hear hurts for many reasons, I still try to keep a smile on my face. EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: Sometimes God wants to use you to see if you can pass the test.Today I ask that He continue to use me at the same time take away some of this STUFF, that is causing my heart to be heavy,sad and that makes me shed tears. I am tired and I have had enough.
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's encouraging encouraging words are: If the sun isnt shining in the direction, just keep in mind that it has to rotate at some point, God has not forgotten about you. He already knows exactly what you need.
 Great morning lovelies!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: Any day that you wake on on this side of earth, should be a great day. You should make sure that it is, by placing a smile on your face and eliminating WHOEVER AND WHATEVER IS NEGATIVE AROUND YOU!!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!Then your mind will start processing all those orders with a little help from our Father. We are not always able to handle or do all things;its okay to ask for help.
 Great Morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: What are you doing today to change your tomorrow?One thing about prayers, they will not work without a little work from you. God answers them all but, sometimes the reason  it takes awhile is because, he wants to test you see what you are going to bring to the table.
Great Morning lovelies: Today I would just like to send my condolences to Yolanda Goodwin Author's family/friends and also to my Pink kiss Family, we made a bound through this literary world, words can not explain how one feels loosing someone they love or care about.Please keep us all in your prayers, one prayer, encourages another.
 Great morning lovelies!! The only one that can block what God is preparing for you, is you!!Get out of your own way sometimes and allow God to lead the way. 

 Hey Lovelies!!! I needed the rest so my body took it. But I won't let you all down, EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: When it feels like all is lost, we need to learn how to call on His name, for He is the ONLY ONE that can SAVE US. All of these outside sources, just wont do.
  Great morning lovelies!! The sun is out and shining and our smiles should be just as bright. Allow that smile to light up your day, and dont allow the devil and his works in!!!
Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: There is difference between being patient and sitting on your ass waiting for someone to give you something. If you want to have something in life, you better be willing to work hard for it otherwise, you wont be too happy in your near future. 
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: The devil should have no presence in our lives, he comes to destroy all things that are good. WE ARE GOOD!!,Dont allow him to slither his way in. PRAY HIM AWAY!!
 Great morning lovelies!!! Ebonynicole's Encouraging words for today are: Dont give the devil a free ride, praise God and tell him to get off your back. The devil has no room. in the presence of God.Have a wonderful day <3 <3
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's Encouraging words are: Sometimes you have to know when to give up the fight, only pursue those things that are destined for you and your future. Leave the rest in God's hand and allow Him to handle it.
 Great morning lovelies!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: Everything you do, let it be done with a purpose, for we all was created with and for a purpose. Let His will be done.
Great morning lovelies!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: Everything happens for a reason,it's up to you what you will accept.We learn the most through real life experiences. 
 Good morning lovelies!!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: Love can be measured in so many ways but, the only love that is pure the love that flows from your heart, dont pretend because when you really feel it, you will show it.
 Great morning lovelies!! EbonyNicole's encouraging words are: There is a difference between settling and knowing your worth. Sometimes almost just isnt good enough.
Hello Lovelies!!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: We never know when our situations may turn in the wrong direction, the things we are doing at that very moment doesn't matter but how you deal with it is the real test!!! Remain STEADFAST!!
 Hello Lovelies!! Ebonynicole's encouraging words are: Most times we are looking for approval from the wrong people, as long as we have God's approval, that is all we need. That is all we should count on.