Monday, December 10, 2012

~Author Iesha Brown~

~Author Iesha Brown~

Greetings to all! Welcome to Ebony Nicole's Blogs!Today I am

 taking the time to share the spotlight with Author Iesha Brown

Please join me in welcoming her, let's learn about her and her 

work together. I encourage us all to pull together and support 

each other in this journey that we are on. So again welcome 


Thank you Ebony for taking the time to interview me!!
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Iesha's Interview Questions

1) The title of my first book is Tag Your Man 2004.

 2) In college as a communication major i had a screen writing project and my professor suggested that I write it as a novel first then adapt it into a screen play.

3) No I can't say I Idolize anyone because I don't put people on a pedestal, but there are some writers that I like.

4) I've been in this business for almost ten years now and I have seen some cut throat situations but I try not to focus on those moments. A lot of positive, like meeting readers that love your work.

5) Yes, I've been writing way before I started writing books, and I believe I will be writing until god puts it in my heart to do otherwise. This is definitely a passion of mine.
7). Yes, I've been in almost every state promoting my book even out of the country. This business has been good to me!

8). I am a book vendor so i am in the street with the readers and I take notes as to what they like and dislike and I try to implement those things in my projects.

9) Yes I have a lot of support and I do it for them.

10) I would say endurance is the key... look at it as a track race it’s not how fast you run but that you make it to the finish line.

~ Iesha's Work & Work She Has Published~

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