Monday, October 29, 2012

~Author EbonyNicole: Destiny Is All I Need~

Destiny Is All I Need arrived today, I will have copies to order in NOVEMBER!!!...Im so excited, share this with me=)=)


While going through the papers on her desk, Ashley found a note addressed to her that read:

Hello, Destiny,
I know you think you have won this battle, but it is far from over. You see, I knew that I wanted Destiny from the first night I saw her, and we are going to be together. You have no idea how Destiny really feels about me.  She won’t tell you that part. This is not over.  We will see each other again!

After reading the note, Ashley became confused because she thought Destiny had cut all her ties with Crystal. As the day progressed, those words played over and over in the back of her mind. She dialed Destiny’s number, but she never picked up. On the final ring, Ashley let it ring until the voice-mail came on.  Ashley left a nasty message:

“You and your bitch can have each other! I don’t have time to entertain this bullshit, I gave our relationship another chance, but, obviously, you are not ready for it.”  
Ashley hung the phone up.  She knew that she and Destiny had been going through it, but she had not thought it was that bad.  She did everything in her power not to shed a tear as she put a note on her door and left for the rest of the day. She had refused to let those tears fall because she was and always would be the BIGGER WOMAN!!! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Destiny Is All I Need

Don't miss out on this, get your copy today=)=)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

~Author's Day~

~Author's Day~

Hello Everyone,

I am going to start preparing my blogs to feature other Authors,its never all about me and I ma more than willing to help others. If you are interested in doing this, please reply below.For the most part, I will need your picture (s), synopsis/excerpt, contact information and where your book(s) can be ordered from. Any other information you want to include is fine or if you would like an interview, I'm going to create those questions as well. I have one set up for a friend in January (this is where the idea came from) and one for December. I'm clear anytime in between so please put a mark on your spot=)=)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FaceBook Drama

F A C E B O O K D R A M A !!

In my opinion there really is not FB drama, I sometimes hear people say, "I don't be on Fb

 because there is TOO MUCH DRAMA" I kind of laugh to myself about it because, if you 

associate yourself with that then that will always be your result. Another thing is this, if 

there are people that are always posting negative things for their status, then ,maybe your 

circle of friends should change. I personally never worry about this but there are many 

that do. My mother always told me, to surround myself the type of energy that I want to 

keep.What are your thoughts about this? Do you REALLY feel like there is face-book 

drama or is it over-rated??