Saturday, December 22, 2012

Males Review Questions For
Let God Forgive Him
Author Keith Williams

1. From the Title, Let God Forgive Him, what did you think the book was about?

Answer: The title suggested that somewhere in the book, a man who had wronged a woman would have to pay for his crimes against her in this life. It sounded like it would be a revenge-oriented story.
2. After reading it, was that what you expected? Why or Why not?
Answer: After reading it, I was surprised that the theme was much deeper and disturbing than I thought. The title made me assume that it was going to be about a relationship gone wrong. It was nothing like what I expected.
3. From a Male’s point of view, how does the topic, in general, make you feel?
Answer: As a male, a son and most importantly a father the book was very touching. It dealt with issues that take place more often than people admit. As a father, it made me glad that I decided to remain single father as opposed to having anyone around that could potentially abuse my children. There are predators in the world and we need to protect our children from them.
4. Did this book change your outlook on any aspects of your life, personally?
Answer: It changed my perspective on relationships that I've had in the past with certain women. It makes me wonder if some of these same things may have happened to them. 
5. Would you recommend this to your male friends/family members?

Answer: Yes, I would recommend that other men read this book. This is an issue that we need to bring to light so that it can be stopped. Too often it's kept a secret and the abuse continues.

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