Monday, January 14, 2013

~Author Shiana Wilson~

Good Morning lovelies,please join me in getting to know 
Ms.Shiana Wilson.She is talented, gifted and has ambition through 
 the roof.I spoke to this young lady once on the phone; I was 
 honored to offer her a spot on my blog.Connect with her and see 
 her WORKS, yes I said WORKS!!There is a lot that she would like to share with you, all you have to do is take the time to get to know her=)=)

Author’s Interview Questions
1. What is the title of your first published book? What was the release date?
Taurus part 1 came out 4/12

2. What inspired you to become a Writer? Why?
I've always wrote when I was little hiding in my closets growing up in a abused home writing and reading was my escape. I grew up writing drama plays in school and as an adult I enjoyed to continue to tell stories writing books and now here I am.
3. In the Writing Industry, is there anyone that you idolize? Why?
Every author that came before me I idolize because this is a hard business and without the ones before me I wouldn't be published now. 

4. Since you became a writer, what have you experienced as far as the negative side of it all? Positive Side?
I will say negative will follow you no matter if you are a writer or not. I just learn to roll with the punches and not let things get to me. This business is a part of growth and you have to have thick skin to be able to put up with the negative things they say about urban books/African American books. Positive I enjoy my readers they are very supportive and they be cheering me own waiting for more of my books to drop. Very positive that it does keep me on my toes to make sure to keep bring more.

5. Is writing something you plan to do for a lifetime? .... Is it your passion?
Writing is my passion I'll continue to write either if it's by myself or with other authors. I also plan on working on children books with my two little girls in the near future.

6. If you don’t see writing as a life -long project, what else sparks your interest?
I do see writing as a life long project in my case my job. But eventually I'll love to open up an bookstore. I have more passion that I'll like to invest in such as my crocheting in starting my own line. I'm very crafty.

7. Have you traveled to different states to promote your work?
Yes, I'll like to continue to travel and meet readers and other authors.

8. What are your marketing techniques? Why do these things work best for you?
I have placed real people on my Boy Toy, Taurus She's a Beast and Kitty Box 1&2 I feel having real people that I know is a great tool of marketing not only is my books in my city, but these ladies have them in their city also. Helping to spread the word. Also of course word of mouth, networking and contests can really help me to promote.

9. Do you have a lot of family/friend support? How does that motivate you?
Not much family support my mom has my back she listens to me vent about this business, I rarely have many friends that are book readers in my home town. Most of my support has been from other friend authors and my readers. It does motivate me to keep on with my passion.
10. What advice would you give to other Authors BESIDES doing research?
Write, write and write some more. If this is your passion don't let no one or nothing get in your way. Promote before your first book drops helping you to network, go to book signs and festivals so you yourself can know how things will be before you get published.

IF THERE IS ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, PLEASE DO SO. For example where your books can be purchased and social media connections. You can also share more background information if you would like, this is your interview, make it count=)=)

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