Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~Male's Review For Let God Forgive Him~

~Darrell Freeman's Point of View~

~Let God Forgive Him~

  1. From the Title, Let God Forgive Him, what did you think the book was about?
 I thought it was about a man doing a woman wrong.

2. After reading it, was that what you expected? Why or Why not?

It wasn’t what I expected, I never imagined someone would go thru this.
I mean I heard about it even seen it on tv but it’s different when you hear
 word for word what happened & how it affected that person.

3. From a Male’s point of view, how does the topic, in general,
 make you feel?

 It’s a touchy subject but these stories must be told to protect our children.
As well as rebuild our families. As fathers, dad, uncles, brothers & men in general
 it’s our job to protect our families from sick bastards & disturbed sicko’s

4. Did this book change your outlook on any aspects of your life, personally?

It makes you look at your life & think about what you been thru.
 After hearing stories like these you learn to cherish your family &
 you try to teach your kids about love & forgiveness.

5. Would you recommend this to your male friends/family members?

I think everyone should read this story & males must honestly
 read with a open mind because this affects our community 
weather it happens to us or someone we know.

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